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Get Inspired Here! One thing I know for certain is that we all LOVE the feelings we have when we see beautiful portraits of our children. But I believe we have a fear of actually making a wall gallery, because we don't know how, or we can't imagine it. Get inspired, and take two minutes for ideas here for your home and then call Kari and she will help you plan it out. It is easier than you think. 970-728-9268
Warm Living RoomModern, Frameless, Black and WhiteFun Red FramesContemporary Blue Framed in BlackStrong and Masculine Black Wood FrameBig Gator Board, Large and WhimsicalFrameless Black and White Design 9 ImagesClean BWGiant Film StripFrame onlyOver the Couch Mixed DisplayLayout Creative / AssymetricalGallery Wrap, Framless Modern and CleanSimple small frame shelf.  Easy to DoColorful collage at entryCurate a gallery of your favorite momentsDecorating-with-Wall-Portraits_Bathroom-Canvas-design-interiorBig and Bright, narrow framesFrame Tip 1Baby combination of colored frames